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Be prepared for the most fun Bible study you’ll ever do!

Based on Sheila’s book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, this group study guide can be used by women’s Bible study groups to work through the book, helping us to understand why God made sex the way He did. Along the way we’ll delve into how sex unites us physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. And we’ll take a look at familiar Bible stories and Proverbs that can show us how we can create a great marriage.
Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex Group Study--EbookGood Girl’s Guide to Great Sex Group Study–Ebook

The study is available in two formats: 6 weeks and 10 weeks (when you purchase it you get both). You can purchase it as a .pdf file (that you download and then print off of  your computer, or read on your iPad), or you can purchase it through Kindle.

Every week has:

  • A group opener (a question that can break the ice!)
  • Questions that take you through the material
  • Extra Bible passages that relate to that chapter (even if the Bible passages weren’t mentioned in the book). This takes you deeper!

What the study DOESN’T do:

  • It doesn’t encourage you to badmouth your husband.
  • It doesn’t require you to spill your sexual secrets.
  • It doesn’t let you make judgments on each other.

What the study DOES do:

  • It lets you talk through sensitive issues in an informal, low-stress way
  • It helps women know that what they struggle with is not unique
  • It helps us see God’s perfect plan for marriage–and for sex.

If you decide to do a group study, please let me know! Perhaps we can set up a Skype call so that I can talk and encourage your group during your study.

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